Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 4-- Aerials, Badminton, and Archery!!

Dream Outside the Box began the week with Badminton. The MU Women's Badminton Club came and gave half of the kids' a lesson in the sport. We had such a big group of children this week that we had to split the kids up and do two events. The second half of kids created a gymnastics/dance routine using the DOTB tumbling mats. You can find a video of the routine on our facebook page, just search for Dream Outside the Box and look for our logo!.

On Friday, we headed over to the Teen Center for a day with MU Archery! The kids shot bows and arrows (yes, real bows and real arrows) at a wall of hay and attempted to hit balloons. It was a wonderful opportunity, the kids did so well, some shot three, even four balloons! At the end of the day, we had a competition between the Dream Outside the Box volunteers, with Mr. Eric winning with two balloons shot. Check out an entire album of pictures from Archery Day on our Facebook page!

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