Friday, October 1, 2010

Week 2, Sabres and the Great Pumpkin.

En guarde...ready...fence!
That was the sound on the playground as Dream Outside the Box ushered in the second week of our second year. MU Fencing Club came back for a second time, after being in high demand by many DOTB kids. The children observed as they were taught key fencing terms, then watched duels between Fencing Club members. They were very animated about the duels, cheering for their favorites and even demanding rematches. We ended the day with a fun game of Fencing Simon Says. We will post pictures as soon as we have them available. Videos from this day are coming soon as well!

Peachtree Farm
On Friday of Week 2, DOTB took 30 children to the Peachtree Farm in Boonville. We had a great volunteer turnout, and between BGC workers and Dream Outside the Boxers, each child was allowed personal attention and interaction. Upon arrival, the kids took a hayride tour, then the tractor dropped everyone off at the pumpkin patch. Everybody picked out a personal pumpkin, some impatient volunteers even ripped theirs right from the vine! Afterwards, some kids went through the corn maze while others visited the different animals on the farm. It was all great fun and an amazing way for everyone to end their week.

Tori, Tia, and Thaddeus in the pumpkin patch.
Jahiarra and a few of the girls on the hayride.
Awesome Dream Outside the Box volunteers.
The volunteers, kids, and everyone's funniest face!

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