Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 3: Lacrosse

The series continued in week two with the Mizzou Lacrosse Team. The MU Lax team (brought to us by captain Zach Graves) graciously arrived straight from a hard practice to the Boys and Girls Club where they brought approximately twenty-five members, their coach and even, practice pinnies, water bottles and lanyards with the Mizzou Lacrosse logo for the children.  The children learned about the history and rules of lacrosse, how to play and were then able to cheer on the MU team as they passed and then take a turn at it themselves. The children who were the best behaved and remembered the most Spanish (the language of the week) were then able to participate in a short contest- of which, the winners received the aforementioned pinnies (reversible practice jerseys). One thing of note, was the location in which we held this presentation. The kids, the DOTB volunteers and the Lacrosse team all walked to the nearby elementary school's field. The kids were excited to be there as they are used to playing football here regularly. One child even asked, "Can we play football when we're done with this?" But as the time went on and the kids blocked, shot, and passed like true lax ladies and gentlemen, no word of "foot" or "ball" was uttered. Only "gracias" to our phenomenal presenters. Job well done. 

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