Thursday, May 7, 2009


Dream Outside the Box is an organization that would bring fairs and programs to schools and after-school programs in order to expose minority children to new and exciting endeavors such as fencing, sailing and rodeo and after a series of presentations give children to option to be paired with a mentor in one of the introduced fields in order to foster a lasting relationship and individual development in that area. Dream Outside the Box hopes to actively work to challenge the stigma among minorities and underprivileged children that they must go the stereotypical path like rapping or playing a “minority approved” sport such as football to break out of their situation. More so, that the typical activities are the only ones deemed acceptable in this community. Dream Outside the Box is meant to serve as a program to break stereotypes, broaden horizons, and instill in young people of color a self-image of themselves that will strengthen their resolve to realize their dreams.

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